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Who I Am

Chris Dann. Hi.

I am a web developer and digital marketer. I grow small businesses online through my brands Red Balloon Web and Websites for Osteopaths. My background is in web coding, and before that as a musician and music school owner.

5 Things I Do

  • Help you
  • Anything internet and website related
  • Strategy and marketing your practice online
  • Hourly / Project / Retainer
  • Free advice and Web Reviews

5 Things I Don't Do

  • The Hard Sell
  • Tie you in
  • Blah blah blah blah
  • Sell you rubbish you don't need
  • Send you long reports but not really do anything

Why Osteopaths

I've been a patient for over 20 years. Most marketers specialise in something as we get to know the industry and can offer genuine value. I decided to specialise in osteopathy. It's a profession I care about promoting, and I understand your patients because I am one.

Chris Dann exhibiting with Websites for Osteopaths at The Therapy Expo

I provide web and marketing services to osteopaths

What I Do


Intelligent and honest advice on finding the best marketing strategy for your unique practice.

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Wordpress-approved coder. New sites and improvements, mobile optimisation, speed.

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SEO services that work and are appropriate to your clinic. Honest assessmnent.

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Appealing copy that speaks your patient's language. Guaranteed ASA compliance.

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Social Media

Most practices shouldn't be paying someone to do their social media. Here's why.

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Graphic Design

Web design, print, banners, leaflets, branding.

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"Thank you, you did an amazing job."

Francesco Capua
Osteo Lab

"Chris was really helpful in advising me on stuff for my websites / Google."

David Powers
In Motion Equine

Free Web Review

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Not sure if you could be doing more online? Let's take a look. In a half hour video call we'll go through your website and SEO with specialised tools and see what you could do to boost your presence online.

By the end you'll be confident in understanding the opportunities for your unique practice and the potential costs and benefits of each. I can point you in the right diretion for any services you need, whether mine, DIY or someone else.

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The Right Service for You

We both know that there are armies of people like me falling over themsevles to sell you a website, SEO services or whatever else it is they do.

I've seen what previous agencies have done for my clients. They sell their canned service whether it's right for the client or not, so the client pays a lot of money and sees little or no results.

Websites, SEO, PPC, social, none of these things are magic bullets. You need to see them in the context of an individualised plan for your practice. Don't try service after service hoping that something will work. It won't.

I offer free advice and web reviews to explore how you could market your practice online. There's no hard sell and fairly-priced by-the-hour services with no tie-in.

Foot in shoe that is much too big

Most "off-the-peg" services will be inappropriate to your practice and a complete waste of money

Let's Talk

Just pick up the phone - 0800 054 1178 - or Contact Me

0800 054 1178

No Bullshit

I'm not here to give you the slick sales pitch or bamboozle you with jargon and statistics. If you want specific work done I'll quote you a price, or if you're not sure what you want I'll give you clear and honest advice.

No Hard Sell

My goal is to build a good reputation by genuinely helping people. I'll explain what's possible and it's up to you. If you want to save money I can advise you on DIY options or help out when you get stuck.

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Absolutely none of this