What is Local SEO?

When you search for a bricks-and-mortar service like a hairdresser, mechanic, or osteopath, Google knows this is a 'local search' and will return local results with a map. Whereas SEO - Search Engine Optimisation - typically deals with national or international search, Local SEO is the specific process of optimising for local search.

Working the Grid

Your search position will vary depending on how far away from your practice the search is made. Using a local search grid we aim to first raise you to the top of search at your practice location, and then increase your reach outwards from there.

Local search grid showing rankings in different areas

How Our SEO Services Are Different

SEO: one size doesn't fit all

You Wouldn't Buy Shoes Without Knowing your Size

Many SEO and marketing services are "cookie cutter" solutions: they offer a certain number of generic links, a certain number of generic blog posts, a certain number of generic social media posts, and so on.

Without a coherent plan of what you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve it, most of these services will be completely inappropriate to your practice. It's as vague as buying "a pair of shoes" without knowing your measurements or style.

We create a personalised action plan

Specialised Local SEO

Our services are tailored to local SEO and focus on the actions which will increase your position in local search. We target the specific trust signals Google requires from local business, with no-nonsense statistics and reporting to track tangible progress.

Personal Marketing Plan

Every website we build comes with a plan for further promotion and SEO work, most of which you can carry out yourself. If we're working on an ongoing basis, we include a fresh report with statistics and a plan for proposed work, free of charge, every month.

Some of Our SEO and Marketing Services

We'll define your unique personal strategy in your action plan.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO allows us to be found by people who are actively looking for our services and ready to buy. As well as optimising your site for Google, we carry out an analysis of your market and what searches people are making in your area, to find the best niche and approach for your practice.

Citation Building

Citations, where your business is listed on online directories, is an important way to build search engine credibility for your practice. We have fixed prices to create either 50 or 100 listings for your website, each with a valuable backlink.

Local Networking

Raising your profile starts with finding people who are interested in what you have to say. Sports groups, local information pages, health groups, newsletters and magazines will all find you have a lot to offer, and we will reach out directly and promote you to these groups.

Content Marketing

Writing and sharing useful blog articles is a proven way to grow your reputation and business. We can help you to write the articles that will get attention, and ask the right people in your area to share them with their followers.

Social Media

Social media allows us to build an online tribe who will support us and evangelise for us, while also allowing us to build closer bonds with our customers. The right social media strategy keeps us in people's minds and builds trust in our customer base.

Mailing List

You can miss a social media post, but not an email. An active mailing list ensures direct communication between us and our tribe, ensuring they see every message we have to say.


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Ongoing SEO

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Investing in You

In today's digital marketplace, it's more important than ever to build a profile and reputation that reaches far and appeals to your market. A couple of right moves can put you on the map for good.

Ongoing Services

Ongoing services allow us to take a longer term and more effective approach to your marketing. Starting at 5 hours of SEO and marketing per month, we will provide a personal strategy plan and a free monthly statistics report and plan for proposed work. Cancel anytime.

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