A Stunning and Comprehensive Website

This package features a premium WordPress theme, chosen by you, with extensive customisation to suit your unique practice perfectly. Pages are unlimited, allowing you to go into detail on services and practitioners, and market your practice using the optional blog.

A Complete Package

We've thought of everything when creating our Premium Package, including a comprehensive SEO report and optimisation, and a year's managed hosting and support, so you can work in confidence knowing your website is being taken care of.

Example Websites

Grove Osteopathy

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Jennifer Spencer

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In Detail

Premium WordPress Theme

Your website will be based on a premium WordPress theme which we will help you to choose. The theme gives us a starting point for features and graphic design but doesn't set in stone how your website will look - it's a starting point which can be developed to suit you.

All our websites are fully responsive, so your website will look great on all screen sizes, and you will also be able to edit your website yourself when you want to make changes to text or images.

This package features unlimited pages, allowing you to go into detail on the practitioners at your practice, the services or treatments you offer, and the conditions you treat.

This package also features an optional blog, allowing you to promote your practice using content marketing.


We will begin with the original theme design then work with you to create the look and feel you want for your site. Most themes include extensive customisation options, but we can also easily edit anything not covered in the theme with custom CSS, or by overriding the theme in some places with our own code. We start with a theme that you feel is in the right direction and then work with you to adapt it to suit exactly what you want, going back and forth with designs and ideas until you're happy.

The alternative to beginning with a theme is that a designer creates a completely original brand and design from scratch, which is what happens in our custom websites. This process takes much more time than customising an existing idea and effectively doubles the price, making it unnecessarily expensive for the average practice.

As part of designing we create a 'UI kit'. You can think of this as a style guide - this is what a heading looks like, a subheading, text, a button, an input field and so on. We design consistently across the site and if you want to make changes to the layout we can easily change the rules for one element and they will update everywhere.

Photos and Stock Images

The images on your website will be the image most patients will have of your practice before deciding to get in touch with you, so very important. Take the time and effort to get really good photos of you, your practice, treatment room, the more the better. If you have an iPhone you can take your own photos, but you might also want to think about investing in half a day with a professional photographer, as your website will only be as good as its images.

We may also use stock imagery on your site. The price of any stock we use is included in the price of the site.

Domain Name

If you don't already have a domain name for your website, we will include registration of your chosen domain for one year, up to the value of £10 (enough to cover .com, .co.uk and .org domains). If you know the domain you want, please let us register it for you rather than registering it through a 3rd party and letting us know. It just makes our lives easier when we come to put your site online.


Your website (i.e. the files and database which comprise it) remains your property, as does your domain. You can change to another hoster and/or transfer your domain registration away from us at any time.


Our premium websites generally feature more pages, so you can go into detail on your services, practitioners, conditions you treat and so on, and we can optimise these pages for Google search for each particular niche.

We cannot write text about your treatments for you (this is medical advice and has to come from you), but if you'd like us to look through your text and make suggestions and edits, or to write your sales copy and homepage content, we're happy to do so. Alternatively you might want us to just put exactly what you've written. It's up to you.

Search Engine Optimisation

Before anything else we carry out an SEO audit, looking at your current site if you have one, your rankings, and the search volumes and phrases related to your specialisms and treatments. This allows us to structure the new website with SEO in mind from the ground up, as recommended by Google and avoiding expensive changes further down the line.

We will carry out all standard professional on-page SEO for your site. This means your site will be 'Google friendly', with full and transparent information for search engines about who you are, where you are and what you do, and all your pages will look good when previewed in social media shares. We will also optimise each individual page for its search term, for example 'back pain treatment', 'rsi treatment' and so on.

We will claim and optimise your Google My Business listing if you haven't done so already. As well as optimising your own website, this is the other most important thing to do to start ranking your business on Google.

Where you rank on Google after these optimisations will depend on the competition in your local market. Ideally you will be continually working to build citations to your website, to produce useful content and curate inbound links. Your SEO approach should be like regularly going to the gym to enjoy the cumulative benefits, not looking for magic bullets or quick fixes. We offer ongoing monthly SEO services, but you can easily carry out review management, content creation and link building yourself, it's just a question of how you want to allocate your time.

Hosting and Support

Premium websites include a year's fully managed hosting, meaning we take care of absolutely everything on your website. We will set your site up on our fast and secure server, set up security and automated backups, and in the unlikely event your website were to be hacked, we'll get it up and running for you again free of charge.

When you have questions or need help with any aspect of your website we're always just a phone call away, and in addition to support managed hosting also includes up to half an hour of developer time per month, allowing you to get quick tweaks to your site done without having to pay for them.

After a year you can choose to renew your hosting with us or move to another provider, in which case we will give you everything you need to get your website set up on the new hoster.

Google Analytics and Heatmapping

We will set up Google Analytics on your website, meaning you can log in at any time and see information about the volume and behaviour of your website users. We can also set up a free Hotjar account on your website, meaning you'll be able to see heatmaps of the most popular parts of your pages, and watch recordings of user interactions with your site.

Technical Information

Technology Stack
Premium osteo/physio/medical WordPress theme
Proprietary child theme including Sass
We are coders so aren't afraid to customise themes heavily with code, including adding our own plugins and shortcodes or altering theme templates.

Comprehensive SEO report using SEMRush and BrightLocal
URLs, Page Titles, h1 tags, alt tags
Page meta and image
Open Graph and Twitter cards
Structured data and Schema.org
Image Optimisation using Photoshop
Google My Business claim/create and optimise

Dreamhost VPS + Cloudflare Global CDN with Brotli compression
IMAP email setup and support
Software updates
Spam removal
Hack repair guarantee
Up to 30 mins dev time per month in addition to support

Disable XML-RPC
Incorrect password lockout by IP
Incorrect username lockout by IP

Design and Stock
Adobe XD / Photoshop / Illustrator

UpdraftPlus Premium + Updraft Vault
Automated daily secure backups

Google Lighthouse Audit
BrightLocal technical SEO and on-page optimisation report
We test with these tools and make any necessary changes before going live

Google Analytics + WP Analytics Plugin (to access your analytics via the Google dashboard or by your WP dasboard)
Optional Hotjar account

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